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Monday, July 21st, 2008
1:48 am - HUMOR: Stegzy Linking Up Psychic AngelHart Blessed

Here's an example of Stegzy walking into a trap with the birthdates:


Stegzy was citing Dušan Makavejev born 10/13 regarding Wilhelm Reich. I said that my Psychic Abilities revolve around Birthdates and playing off of AngelHart Blessed who is another Psychic:
  1. AngelHart Blessed's mother dated an ex born 12/10 when the Video Game Character Isabella Valenitne was born 12/10 of 1559
  2. AngelHart Blessed's mother is born Valentine's Day for Isabella Valentine
  3. AngelHart Blessed lived in Maine inducted 3/15 for Sensual Sky born 3/15
  4. AngelHart Blessed's SL love interest (aside from the one born 10/31) is born 10/13 like Erin's Fantasy born 10/13
Those are all 3 girls from 2004 all strung together by birthdates in the life of the Psychic that I called forth to help me prove Psychic Phenomenon.

If Stegzy had just kept quiet not and not cited Dušan Makavejev born 10/13, I would've completely overlooked that link.

Stegzy's comments are actually hurting the other side and proving my point about birthday tags.

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Sunday, July 20th, 2008
12:18 pm - PREDICTION: Robyn & Stegzy vs. Psychologist Wilhelm Reich & Psychic AngelHart Blessed

Here's a really good example of a Lightning Strike move on Stegzy and Robyn vs. a different Psychic using a Psychologist.

It's where you have one Psychic (Rod) set up the shot and another Psychic (AngelHart Blessed) who hasn't been reading the Blog go in for the kill.

Psychic AngelHart Blessed on Second Life hasn't been reading my Blog Entries so she's doing this blindfolded. She's running off her Subconscious Mind that is tuned and is unconsciously stating things.

First you set declare the format:
  1. Rod is Psychic
  2. AngelHart is Psychic
  3. Rod's abilities are tied to Birthdates
  4. Stegzy Gnomepants 's Reference to Watson and Crick for the Genome
  5. Rod stating that the word "gnome" is in Genome
While I was talking to AngelHart Blessed last night, she said about Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich and "Orgonomes" [sic]. (Orgones)


That's your "Gnome" Tag pointing to Stegzy.

Then you combine the Psychic AngelHart Blessed with Rod's Psychic Abilities that play off of Birthdates
  1. Wilhelm Reich is born 3/24 like Lara Flynn Boyle
  2. Lara Flynn Boyle's IMDB is 1223 like 12/23 for Sebastian Shaw born 5/29 as Anakin Skywalker in "Return of the Jedi" and when AngelHart was supposed to be born
  3. Lara Flynn Boyle's Bio says she's friends with Robin Tunney born 6/19
  4. I said in yesterday's Blog about Wallis Simpson born 6/19 like Robyn
There's the Date of Death for Wilhelm Reich:
  1. The other date listed for Wilhelm Reich is that he died on 11/3
  2. I said that in my Thursday Psychic 101 Class that Emi Timelesss is born 11/3
  3. I said that in my Thursday Psychic 101 Class that Sheena Fairey's parent is born 11/3
That was back on Thursday showing movement when you're in sync with your Psychic Abilities where people and events are shift.

That's how we get back to the Jedi Force in "Star Wars" that binds us and surrounds us. When you're plugged into the Force, things will move and shift around you using your Will Power.

CONVERSATION: AngelHart Blessed's Typo of 'Orgonomes'...Collapse )

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3:22 am - PREDICTION: AngelHart Blessed 12/10, HavenMUSH and Selkie on 9/21

I had a talk with AngelHart Blessed on Second Life who did the reading for me. There's also something else that points to Isabella Valentine:
  1. The mother is born Valentine's Day aligning with Isabella Valentine
  2. AngelHart said the mother's ex-boyfriend was born 12/10 aligning with the video game character Isabella Valentine born 12/10
  3. Isabella Valentine as 2/14 = Game Character Isabella Valentine born 12/10
AngelHart says she was 10 years old when the mother was dating the ex-BF from about 1985 - 2001 for 16 years. I didn't meet Isabella Valentine till 2/14 of 2004.

It's significant because it hinting that it was either staged or pre-planned with Isabella Valentine, or you had AngelHart Blessed who was shifted into position to surface with those dates.

There's also the UK Theme.
  1. I found out today that AngelHart Blessed's build date 9/21 aligns with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of England following the England Theme
  2. If I'm not mistaken, 9/21 is when Bliss said HavenMUSH's Anniversary
  3. It would also the Death Anniversary of Selkie who died 9/21 on HavenMUSH's Anniversary
She's a very specific individual placed there. Because she's a Psychic, she fits the pattern of me drawing upon Psychic Phenomenon. It has more credibility when you're pulling from someone else who's Psychic and not me.

On top of that, I'm not even asking for her to exhibit her Psychic Abilities which Skeptics may try to cast doubt upon. I'm just asking what dates are associated with her.

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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
8:43 pm - READING: AngelHart Blessed of Second Life, 5/25/1979, Lindsay Wagner, "Bionic Woman"

This is example showcases how the Subconscious Mind remembers all the Blog Entries ever posted in my Blog and is aligning the dates.

In this case, they all point to Bliss and her birthday 5/25.

I was on Second Life and there was a posting for Psychic Readings by Angelhart Blessed. I suspected that if I got a reading from her, it would tie into something Bliss and the examples of Psychic Readings I've been posting. 800 Linden for a 15 Minute Reading.

While she was giving me a reading, AngelHart Blessed's mother called:
  1. AngelHart's mother is born Valentine's Day aligning with Isabella Valentine
  2. 2/14 is Arizona and Oregon inducted on the same day, which is a State Date Tag
  3. The Phone Call aligns with Isabella Valentine who's a Phone Sex Operator
  4. The mother aligns with Isabella Valentine who was using photos of Sunny Leone born 5/13 when the Virgin Mother was seen in 1917
On top of that, AngelHart's boyfriend is born 10/31 like Nevada as another state date tag.

CONVERSATION: Angelhart Blessed - 15 Minute Reading...Collapse )

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1:01 pm - HISTORY: English Monarchs, Prince Philip, Wallis Simpson/King Edward VIII Scandal

I don't know much about England except for what Bliss would tell me. I was just led to some information just now though with English Monarchs and UK History.

I assume it's significant because Stegzy and Bliss are in the UK. So we're following a UK theme.
  1. nectre Alcott, who surfaced on Second Life, is born 6/10 like her brother and grandmother (3 people born same day)
    • 6/10 is Prince Philip married to Queen Elizabeth II
  2. Queen Elizabeth II's father King George VI was born on 12/14 and died on 2/6
    • 12/14 is when Alabama was inducted
    • 2/6 is when Massachusetts was inducted
  3. Queen Elizabeth's sister Princess Margaret is born 8/21
    • Hawaii was inducted into the Union on 8/21
So it's interesting to see a Psychic Theme following the pattern established with State Dates and people born the same day.

This is where we even snag Robyn in with my friend Kinky Snoodle who's Psychic and lives across from Bliss in Merseyside.

Robyn 6/19 like Wallis Simpson, Guy Trundle 12/3 Tied to Ravenshade...Collapse )

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2:29 am - PREDICTION: Isabella Valentine vs. Isabella Boucher on Second Life

Here's a really good example of using a previous Blog that cited dates.

I've been practicing when it comes to accuracy and precision to where it's now accelerated and much faster than 4 years ago.
  1. Isabella Boucher just got the title of "Magical Isabella Boucher" on Second Life aligning with the name Isabella Valentine and Magic
  2. I said the last time I talked to Isabella Valentine was on 4/1 of 2004. Isabella Boucher's partner Hammon Raymaker has a build date of 4/1
  3. Isabella Boucher's Build Date is 3/15. I said SensualSky, as the other person tied to Isabella Valentine, was born 3/15
There's even something else I can tell you about the last day I ever talked to Isabella Valentine on 4/1 of 2004:
  1. 4/1 is the birthday of my niece Ivy Ann
  2. The Grandmother is my Auntie Mildred born 7/16 as "Mild Red" (Passive Valentine)
  3. 7/16 (Auntie Mild Red) = 4/1 (April Fool's) + 3/15 (SensualSky)
Like I said, as long as you declare the form your Psychic Abilities take, you're fine. In this case, it takes the form of 3 dates or Birthday Tags and subtracting one date from another to land on the other.

PHOTO: Isabella Boucher Info on Second Life...Collapse )

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Friday, July 18th, 2008
10:44 pm - PREDICTION: "Twilight Zone" #3.16, 2 Psychic Students Tied to 11/3

As a Psychic, here's how I can play off of 2 other Psychics that pulled your reading and then you stack it on top of other Blog Entries you've posted with Psychic Predictions.

It's where you "power up" your Psychic Abilities and you start gaining momentum as you move faster.

PREDICTION: 'Twilight Zone' #3.16, 2 Psychic Students Tied to 11/3...Collapse )

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9:51 pm - PREDICTION: "Twilight," "Twilight Zone," Vampires

I was looking at the front page of the News tonight and there was mention of a Sneak Peek at the vampire teen romance novel called "Twilight.":
  1. I had mentioned in my "Megaman 3" Video Game Psychic Prediction about yanking Stegzy into the Twilight Zone with me as Rod Serling
  2. Twilight is tied to Tiny Empires on Second Life and I posted about Celtic Infinity on Tiny Empires aligning with CelticBlissy
  3. The Vampire Theme ties to what I'd posted 48 hours ago how I developed my Psychic Abilities the same way I developed my Vampire Character on "Eternal Night II" Mud
  4. I mentioned about Bliss using "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" as a character
  5. My Second Life Avatar was built on 4/12 like the birthday of Nicholas Brendon as Xander in "Buffy"
Basically, it's just your Twilight Zone + Vampires + Buffy.

I had said in my Blog that my Psychic Abilities are like my old Vampire Character on "Eternal Night II" Mud where Bliss and I used to play.

Now that it's an older and more experienced game character, it moves faster and hits harder when it strings together Psychic Predictions.

PICTURE: 'Twilight,' Vampire Theme...Collapse )

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8:21 pm - PREDICTION: CelticBlissy, Celtic Infinity on Second Life

I just had a Psychic Manifestation regarding Bliss on Second Life just now.
  1. I just met "Celtic Infinity" on Second Life
  2. Bliss is Celtic
  3. Bliss uses Goddess Danu
  4. Goddess Danu would be deemed "infinite"
I haven't talked to Bliss or had anything to do with Bliss in over 2 years. So to have Celtic Infinity surface while I'm talking about Bliss in the Community Group for the last 48 hours tied to Second Life is an example of Bliss input into the Data Stream.

I was going to take a Screen Capture of it, but it crashed my SL Client. So I had to settle for interviewing Celtic Infinity personally.

PREDICTION: CelticBlissy, Celtic Infinity on Second Life...Collapse )

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7:27 pm - PREDICTION: Stegzy's Woodcock, Bliss born 5/25, 5/25 Needle Man's Stegosaur on "Megaman 3"

Here's a funny example of Stegzy walking into one of my Psychic Readings.

Stegzy thought he was being witty with his comment about "Old Cock"

This is an example of how you can take what someone posted and reflect it back at them as a Psychic Prediction.

As I said, you have to first declare how your Psychic Abilities.

Before anyone can write you off as crazy, they still deserve the benefit of the doubt by at least being the opportunity just how exactly do their Psychic Abilities work.
  1. I said Isabella Valentine is the one who triggered my Abilities
  2. Isabella Valentine runs parallel to my given name as Isabelo
  3. Isabella is born 11/11 and I'm born in Washington State inducted 11/11
  4. Isabella Valentine is from the Video Game "Soul Caliber" born 12/10 like Mississippi falling on a State Date
  5. I'm born on 5/29 for Rhode Island and Wisconsin as State Dates
Those are declared statements. Like in any argument, you have to officially state what kind of claim you're going to make regardless of whether it's a Psychic or Non-Psychic Argument.

SUMMARY: Isabella Valentine Video Game Character

Now this is where we suck Stegzy into the "Twilight Zone" with me like Rod Serling.

PREDICTION: Stegzy's Woodcock, Stegosaur on 'Megaman 3'...Collapse )

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2:49 pm - LESSON: Stegzy's Typo, Mental Martial Arts, Intellectual Combat

DISCLAIMER: I'd like to point out that I what is posted in this Blog Entry is not meant as a barb or sting directed at Stegzy.

It appears that the reason why I was brought back is because the interaction and responses from this Community Group is extracting the experiences and knowledge I've gained from the Psychic Field to put down on paper and use for teaching purposes in my classes.

I don't mind conceding that Stegzy's Intelligence may exceed my depth of Knowledge. However, I would state that if it's possible for Stegzy's argument to have merit, then perhaps is a possibility that perhaps the system that I employ regarding the Psychic Field may have Truth to it.

LESSON: Stegzy's Typo, Mental Martial Arts, Intellectual Combat...Collapse )

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12:44 pm - LESSON: Declaring Your Psychic Abilities, Specialization

I had a class teaching about the Psychic Field. I had 2 students in my class that manifested my Psychic Software Program:
  1. One person was born 11/3 with a build date of 10/16
  2. The other person was born 10/16 with a parent born 11/3
  3. I said that my abilities revolve around Birthdates
This is a really important lesson that I feel gets overlooked.

Few Psychics ever declare what their abilites are in the way that one would declare what their major is at University.

People at Universities declare their major so that their focus or course of study will become concentrated in that area. That's how they specialize.

With me, I play up to my natural abilities embedded in my Family Tree.
  1. I'm born on 5/29 for Wisconsin and Rhode Island. I'll manifest people born on State Dates around me
  2. I'm Gemini Twin and I'll manifest people who are like Twins born the same day
  3. I'll follow a Twin Theme with people who have relatives born on the same day like my stepdad whose 2 grandchildren are born 3/21 same day but different years aligning with Rhode Island and Wisconsin inducted 5/29 for my birthday same day different years. Brande Bravin and Lindz Larnia on Second Life are both born 3/21
I've declared the form in which my Psychic Abilities work.

If people want to check if my Abilities, they stand out more than other Psychics who haven't really stated how their abilities manifest.

I claim it's like declaring the type of weapon you're going to use in combat.

You have to state what kind of weapon you're going to use. That way, if people are trying to follow a pattern and trace your pattern, you leave a wake or something behind.

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11:11 am - PROPHECY: Isabella's Control Over Bliss, Telephone Theme

It occurred to me the significance of the Dragon Egg hatched on 5/25 named "Vliss" aligning with Bliss owned by that person born 4/28 like Maryland.
  1. I was saying that Bliss is born 5/25 and Year of the Dragon
  2. I manifest State Dates because I'm born 5/29 for Wisconsin and Rhode Island
  3. I was saying that 428 means 42 - 8 as the 42nd State of Washington State inducted on 11/11 in the 8th Sign of Scorpio aligning with Isabella Valentine born 11/11
  4. The person's husband is born 4/11 aligning with 411 "Phone" Director Assistance tied to Isabella as a "Phone" Sex Operator
  5. The married couple lives in Florida and Isabella relocated from Florida to San Diego
The reason why it's Prophetic is because the way that 428 (11-11 8 Sign Scorpio) person "owns" Vliss the Dragon hatched 5/25 (Bliss 5/25 Year of the Dragon) is the same way that Isabella "owns" or controls Bliss.

Bliss may not think she's under any control, but all of Bliss' hatred and dislike for me from 2004 all stems from what Isabella Valentine who was against me. That still qualifies as a form of Mind Control.

My friend born 4/28 for the 11/11 Scorpio "owning" Vliss the Dragon born 5/25 with the husband born 4/11 as Directory Assistance for a Phone Theme is the reflection of Isabella born 11/11 who "owns" Bliss.

You can do that with anyone if you lie to them or give them the wrong information.

Nothing's wrong with Bliss' Operating System. She's Loyal to her friends and she despises Injustice. However, you can still have someone like Bliss who has the best of intentions do bad things if you give her the wrong information or false information.

I said that the reason why Bliss is mean to me now is because it all hinges on believing Isabella which is based off of the belief that Rod's "crazy" because he thinks he has Psychic Abilities.

However, Rod manifests Psychic Abilities, then it sheds doubt on the "crazy" allegation that Isabella claims. If that's wrong and Rod does have Psychic Abilities, then it means Isabella was wrong and Rod was right.

It means that all the stuff that Bliss, Isabella, her friends, and Bliss' friend were in the wrong. I kept saying I had legitimate reason to contact Isabella despite her request for zero contact because that freaky Psychic Phenomenon was a legitimate claim.

This is an example of Will Power.

When someone keeps on dwelling or thinking about something and plugs that into their Psychic Abilities, they'll pull people to them that revolve around whatever they dwell on.

In my case, I kept saying that I witnessed Psychic Phenomenon and it was an Injustice where I got punished when I shouldn't have.

So those are the thoughts that keep getting pumped into my Psychic Abilities. So that's the theme that keeps getting pulled to me or the people drawn to me.

The same theme keeps surfacing.

It's the same concept with women who keep complaining about how they draw the wrong men to them all the time. Some of it is Psychological, but some could be argued as being that "vibe" they project that draws those men to them.

As I said in my previous Blog, these Tags I keep claiming are embedded on people are subtle. It's never going to be blatant when it comes to these markings.

If watch movies, notice that the markings people look for on others are tattoos under the shirt or vampire bite marks on the neck.

It's always subtly placed on people. It's never overt. Isabella, Sky, Ravenshade, Scott's girlfriend, my business associate, and me with these State Dates are hidden.

I had even said that History tends to repeat itself and you can get Karma.


One of the things about Bliss history is that she's still resentful toward her dad who left the mother. The mother was so distraught because she really loved the dad.

I had said that the way that Bliss left me for Isabella is the same way Bliss' dad left the mother for the mistress.

Bliss repeats history as the dad with me as the mother and Isabella as the mistress.

The same way Bliss' mother really loved the dad and grieved over the loss, I grieved over Bliss the same way.

Bliss may get upset and think there's no relationship between her parents and us.

However, think about the loyalty and love Bliss' mother had for Bliss' father. Regardless of what Bliss may think, I was loyal to Bliss. Even during the worst of the insults and mean things she was saying for over a year from 2004 and 2005, I still kept her on my Friends List and stuck by her.

The last straw was December 2005 when she made that public announcement in her Blog denouncing me. I had enough and didn't need to keep taking verbal abuse like that.

That's why when you take a look at all the mean things Bliss said directed toward me all hinged on "Rod not having Psychic Abilities," it makes Bliss look really bad when you see Rod 4 years later as a Teacher in the Psychic Field, with friends who are Psychic, and still manifesting Psychic Abilities.

It's easy to write me off as not being Psychic. However, with the other people as Rod's new friends around him that work in the Psychic Field, also teachers in the Psychic Field, and other Psychics that surface, you can't write all of them off as kooks or nutty.

Especially Bliss if she wants to contend that she's Wiccan.

In fact, a large majority of the Psychic Mediums I work with are in the UK. In fact, one of them who is a teacher in the UK on Second Life has a build date of 7/16 when all this opened up again.

Once again, we come back to stating the form that your Psychic Abilities take shape.

It's like declaring what kind of weapon you are going to use in combat.

With me, I specialize in Birthdates, State Dates, and adding/subtracting Dates.

That's my extraction method for Divination. So as long as I declare that as my method beforehand and follow that pattern, that's how you exhibit your abilities.

If you keep seeing Psychic Phenomenon manifest based off of Rod's pattern that he has declared, it's just like Chess where you've positioned your Chess Piece.

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12:05 am - STORY: Bliss' Dream, Keri Russell in "Mission Impossible III"

STORY: Bliss' Dream, Keri Russell in 'Mission Impossible III'...Collapse )

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008
7:33 pm - SIGNS: Isabella Valentine & SensualSky State Dates as My Birthday

SIGNS: Isabella Valentine & SensualSky State Dates as My Birthday...Collapse )

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6:29 pm - EXAMPLE: LiveJournal Random Number Generator, Kinky Snoodle

Here's a really good example of how you can surface number tags in Random Number Generators. Once again, I can wield Kinky Snoodle in the UK and play off of her as another Psychic.

EXAMPLE: LiveJournal Random Number Generator, Kinky Snoodle...Collapse )

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5:59 pm - EXAMPLE: Tagteaming with Another Psychic, "Austin Powers 3: Goldmember"

Here's something new that I couldn't do 4 years ago, which is play off of another Psychic. 4 years ago, it was just me getting beat up on by a group of people.

Let me show you what it looks like when you tagteam with another Psychic. In this case, I can play off of Kinky Snoodle who lives right across from Bliss in Merseyside.

Kinky hasn't been reading my Blog and doesn't know what I've been writing. So she's beeing posting her comments to me in Second Life "blindfolded."

Kinky Snoodle, as another Psychic, is plugged into the Electromagnetic Field. So her Subconscious Mind interacting with my Subconscious Mind in the communication exchange via that "Psychic Instant Messaging" already knows what I'm writing about.

That's why her 6th Sense will feed her data as to what I'm posting in my Blog that she hasn't read. She'll start reflecting what I'm saying because she's picking up the Data Feed.

That's why you'll see me and Kinky Snoodle going up against Robyn and Bliss. I take on Robyn and Kinky who is in the UK living across from Bliss in Merseyside will go up against Bliss in the UK.

4 years ago, it was lopsided because it was Robyn and Bliss tagteaming on me by myself. Now it changes the balance so it's Rod and Kinky as 2 Psychics going up against Robyn and Bliss as 2 Non-Psychics.

That's how you get a Kinky Snoodle and where I'm being extremely "Kinky" :).

Bliss knows me very well.

Bliss knows that if Rod ever DID have Psychic Abilities that all those GOD-AWFUL PUNS she hates so much would most likely be projected into Rod's Psychic Abilities and surface around him...LOL

That's how you'd get a Psychic who's "Kinky" that lives in the UK right across from Bliss :o).

My awful puns were always one of my distinguishing trademarks :D.

EXAMPLE: Tagteaming with Another Psychic NOT Reading My Blog...Collapse )

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2:14 pm


It has recently come to my attention that Rod has been posting about me again and in this community.

He seems to be under the impression that recently I emailed him. I just want to set the record straight here that I have not emailed him intentionally or as far as I am aware unintentionally.

I checked my outbox and there are no emails from myself to him there, I do not even have his email address in my address book.

I ask Rod to leave me alone and not to seek any of my alts out on second life.


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6:15 am - SIGNS: Ravenshade's State Date, Caedo's Wall of Night on HavenMUSH

I was telling Stegzy about Caedo's Wall of Night on the original HavenMUSH. Caedo had built this huge Wall Fortress of some sort on Haven. It took up about 300+ Rooms. I never knew exactly what it was. I just knew it was huge.

I remember the night that Caedo had Bliss and me following him through the rooms Bliss and me through the maze. You couldn't get through it unless you had Caedo.

It's very symbolic. As I Stegzy, there's something similar that can be said about the Psychic Field with that Wall of Night. If you know the path to take, you can cross over into the Psychic Field.

While we're on the subject of how Isabella Valentine landed on State Dates for her birthday, marriage, and video game character that aligns with me for Rhode Island and Wisconsin, I can also tell you something about Ravenshade.

Ravenshade is born 12/3.

12/3 is when ILLINOIS was inducted into the Union.

So you have all these people landing on state dates:
  1. Rod for Rhode Island and Wisconsin
  2. Isabella Valentine for Mississippi
  3. Isabella's Marriage for Vermont
  4. Isabella's Birthday for Washington State
  5. SensualSky for Maine
  6. Ravenshade for Illinois
  7. Scott's Girlfriend KB for North Dakota and South Dakota
  8. Rod's former business associate for Oregon and Arizona
That's 6 people all tied into this incident. There are 365 days out of the year and only 50 states.

That's ELEVEN STATES. That's over 1/5 of the United States. 3 of them are tied to Isabella Valentine whom I said this was all stemming from back then.

That's a lot of states to hit for just a handful of people, which I was saying were tied to this Psychic Phenomenon back in Summer 2004.

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5:44 am - SIGNS: Isabella Valentine Marrying on a State Date, Sunny Leone's Ex-Fiance

SIGNS: Isabella Valentine vs. Sunny Leone's Ex-Fiance...Collapse )

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