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SONG: "Look After You" by the Fray

Debrha Anatra was at a club with me and she dedicated the song "Look After You" by the Fray.

I looked up the Fray on
  1. It said that the bandmate Joe King is born 5/25 like Bliss
  2. The other bandmate Ben Wysocki is born 11/26 when Charles Schulz of "Peanuts" was born
  3. I posted in a previous Psychic Reading about the Psychic Brunnhilda Quonset who had mentioned about Eugene Ionesco born 11/26
Those two birthdates were point to Bliss and Isabella Valentine. So when I that Debrha had dedicated that song to me while we were dancing together, I knew it was tied to Bliss as a sort of farewell.

While were dancing to that song, I was thinking about what my reason was for trying to prove to Bliss and Isabella about the existence of the Psychic Field:
  1. For Isabella, it was to prove that I did have a legitimate reason for contacting her
  2. For Bliss, it was to rescue our friendship
While listening to that song, I realized that it doesn't matter about Isabella anymore. I already made my peace with Sunny Leone and finally got to meet her.

As for Bliss, it dawned on me how affectionate Debrha was and that Bliss is gone and there's nothing left to salvage.

I don't really feel I need to explain what's on the other side anymore to anyone:
  1. I teach classes in the Psychic Field
  2. I got to strengthen my abilities
  3. I now work with a group of Psychics
  4. I met someone who likes me and accepts me as being Psychic
That's something that Bliss couldn't do.

There were some people that you wished you could've saved, but there's really nothing much you can do.

There's really nothing more to say or post in the Community Group. Some opinions may never change. However, I already did what I needed to do. Either people get it, or they don't get it. Some people will continue to believe it's all just coincidence and there is no meaning.

That's why you have to just cut your losses and move on to the people who will listen and can understand what you say.

As for this Community Group and winning Bliss back by proving that the Psychic Field really is there, it really doesn't matter even if I showed all the best evidence for the Psychic Field. Some things just run their course. It's just unfortunate that Bliss didn't get to see the Psychic Field and that I really did cross over.

Even as I write this Blog Entry, the Random Number Generator landed exactly on "3213000."

One thing I told Debrha is that the song made me realize I was chasing after the past when I could be spending the time being happy in the present.
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