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LESSON: Mental Exercises, Studying Out of Necessity

This is in reply to Robyn's comment about abiding by Community Rules of making it so comments are open to responses, which I've been making an attempt to see are all open comments in the forum.

I also point out that the stuff I post isn't drivel and is good mental exercise.

I have a friend who loves to weight train and another who is a Personal Trainer. They love to exercise. I'm on the other side in the Intellectual Arena.

This is good practice in learning how to respond to people and see how fast it you can write a response.

To: Rod
From: Robyn
Date: 7/26/2008
Subject: Re: Running Out of Time on the Chess Clock

There is only one Rule, Rod.

Follow it or stop posting your drivel. Most of it has nothing to do with anyone any of your 'readers' here have ever heard of.

To: Robyn
From: Rod
Date: 7/22/2008
Subject: LESSON: Mental Exercises, Studying Out of Necessity


Personally, I don't find this to be "drivel."

The mind is like a muscle. I'm just using your comments for mental exercises. Notice how I'll take one little comment you make and pour out 10 pages worth of content.

That's how fast my mind processes information and strings concepts together. It takes me roughly about 45 minutes to compose content of this length.

Other people attempting the same thing would probably take 4 or 5 hours. Maybe even 2 or 3 days to write the same level of content and where it's got same amount of insight.

Most people don't get that mental exercise.

Although you may not want to admit it, the reason why it takes you a long time to read through my content or process it is because you most likely don't engage in mental activities that stretch your mind and keep it sharp.

With me, I have to constantly memorize birthdates and historical dates. The process I use is all about drawing relationships between symbols and meanings.

Even though Stegzy thinks it's crap, it isn't. Imagine if you have an individual constantly practicing with attaching meaning to symbols and numbers. When you practice simple concepts, it allows your mind to start processing larger symbols and larger meanings.

People with the best analytical skills go on to be leaders and visionaries in the corporate world because they "see" things that other people don't. They make connections faster.

People may who fail to have an understanding of my interpretation of the Psychic Field may think it's a waste time, but the exercises you do strengthen other mental skills not tied to the Psychic Field.

How many people really get a chance to exercise their mind every day?


Stegzy was saying that his Intelligence is superior to mine. It may well be. I'd even claim that Stegzy was smarter longer than me becaues I didn't start all this till 4 years ago.

However, I've been exercising and practicing out necessity because I'm constantly being criticized about the Psychic Field. Because I'm always under fire, I have to keep my wits about me.

With Stegzy, I would claim it's more recreational. He doesn't have people who are constantly criticizing him and questioning his sanity. Because I do, I have to be on my toes all the time.

Because I practice 7 days a week and about 6 - 10 hours a day processing and reading information, I have to process large quantities of data.

That's why I even acknowledge that the length and content of my Blog Entries are enormous. That's because it's the way I've been conditioned and trained.

Now if you have someone processing massive amounts of data every day, it hints that you need to have the mental capacity and mental stamina in order to maintain that level.

That hints at the level of intelligence because anyone whose Intellect that isn't smart enough short circuit due to Information Overload.

I rarely have that problem. I don't know everything, but if someone asks me a question and includes some definitions to terminology I'm unfamiliar with, I can come up with a decent response.

That goes back to continual practice.

I got thrown into this situation 4 years and roped into the Psychic Field, and it wasn't by choice.

However, it was beneficial because I'm thinking faster and processing larger concepts that I couldn't 4 years ago when I was non-Psychic.


As far as I know, I've been following your posting and have been abiding by those terms.

The key words for Community are "fake, fraud, reality."

So naturally the content is showing examples of Psychic Manifestations and where you have the option interviewing the sources if you don't trust me as source.

It's being treated as News Publication where you have to cite your sources.

Even when you look at the last comment about the Chess Clock, that's why you see another Psychic who isn't reading this Blog or knows anything about what I'm posting acknowledging what I wrote.

That's what's different about 4 years ago. Back then, my reflexes were much slower and I didn't have other Psychics that were on the other confirming what I wrote.

There's no need to be hostile. Besides, it's poor form to come off as antagonistic when the description of the Community states that it's not designed to insult me.

So far, the comments about "drivel," "new shit," etc. provided are all dripping with insults, sarcasm, or snide comments.

Not once, have I ever heard you even remotely address the theories I use and attempt to disprove them. It gives the impression that you don't have an answer.

If you think the people that the stuff I'm posting with people outside of the group is of no relevance, then you're missing point. It also hints that perhaps you don't have a full understanding of what it is you do.

There are these allegations spearheaded by you that:
  1. Rod is a fake or a fraud
  2. Rod is mentally unwell
  3. Rod is unintelligent
That's the position that you've been taking for the last 4 years.

When you opened up a Community Group, it was under the guise that it's an open forum for Rod to prove otherwise.

Since I have my own opinion and your group have yours, the strategy is to pull in people who are "random" or who are OUTSIDE of the group that no one has ever heard of and who don't know the story.

That way, when people from your group or outside passing through this Community Group are listening to both sides, they have the option of interviewing the sources and asking them questions:
  1. Did Rod put you up to this?
  2. Did you know that Rod was posting a Blog and that what you said or did aligned with what Rod posted stated?
Once again, you're not looking at it if you were the one on trial.

If I was the one that made a Community Group criticizing you on some level and you intend to prove those allegations are incorrect, you can bring your friends in as Character Witnesses, but I'd counter by bringing in my own friends that say otherwise or claim that your friends are just saying that out of loyalty. So therefore they're not credible.

If you were trying to prove your innocence, you'd go outside the group. You would want to pull from individuals who are of no opinion and can provide evidence contrary to Rod's claims in his Community Group.

I would even go so far as to say that Stegzy would understand the strategy I'm using by pulling from an outside source. He may not agree with it and find fault on some level with who I'm bringing in as witnesses to attest to the Psychic Field, but I would imagine that Stegzy would understand my interest in bringing in outside people that witness Psychic Phenomenon tied to me and cite them as witnesses.

If you fail to see that, that doesn't reflect well on you. It casts doubt on your credibility as a moderator of the Community Group but also your analytical skills and level of comprehension of the world around you.

If you cannot understand a the concept with legal strategy much less string together a coherent argument that doesn't have to lean on snide comments or crass statements, then perhaps you are not in a position to a fair assessment about me.

This isn't even meant a slight against you.

This is the way the world is. You'll see people on Cyberspace hurling insults at each other because they think they can.


You may think that what I type is an useless, but someday Robyn when you're older like in your 30s, 40s or even 50s, you may have some smartass punk 13 year old that is new to the Internet that insulting you as an adult.

That 13 year old kid doesn't know anything about the world but is insulting you and thinks they're equal or just as smart as you. They'll think they can whatever they want about you and they don't give a rat's ass about you or your feelings.

When you, Robyn, try to engage them as an Adult Figure showing that you deserve respect as an adult that has been been around knows things, imagine if they just insult you.

Because they have no knowledge or experience to draw from, all they'll do is pull you into an INSULTING MATCH.

All they'll do is criticize you, change the topic, and put the focus on something else that is not the matter at hand or regarding the irresponsible behavior they engage in.

Your age and wisdom, Robyn, will see right through that.

You'll watch how that 13 year old punk is dodging and dancing around skirting the issue at hand resorting to insulting and jeering at you.

You'll know they engage in that behavior because they don't know anything. All they know is how to insult you because that's all they have in their arsenal of verbal weapons.

People who are extremely intelligent or have wisdom and experience don't have to rely on insults.

It's because they have a firm handle on the content and can engage in a CALM and COLLECTED discussion with the other party.


People who are angry or afraid lash with insults like a cornered animal.

People who are confident and know their stuff and have experience aren't worried.

If you were in a strong position with your argument, you wouldn't care about whether I posted incorrectly where people can reply to the forum or not.

You would be gleefully looking forward to the next Blog Entry that Rod posts where you can rip into more of the "dumb things that Rod says" that you can enjoy using as a spectacle to show all your friends how much smarter you are than me and why your claims about me being an idiot are justified.

However, you don't have option because you've found yourself unable to keep up with the amount of content as well as be able to process it.

That's why I've been stating that your responses that fail to address the content is a cop-out.

You may dislike hearing it from me, but going back to the analogy of the 13 year old punk being disrespectful to you, you would see the same behavior.

You would engage them in an intelligent debate asking about their behavior and why they are doing what they're doing. They would most likely change the subject and resort to insulting you.

They would dodge addressing your argument. That's how kids are because most of them are too young to really know anything about life and the world around them.

They live in an egocentric world and have not lived outside of that world or gotten to experience the down sides of life.

My job revolves around management and parenthood. That's why you see me treating you like a belligerent teenager.

Every time your comments contain insults, it lowers your credibility.


Personally, I don't really mind if you want to go through and delete all the posts where people are unable to reply.

I have a whole arsenal or well of Psychics and examples I can draw from. There isn't any shortage of stuff to talk about with the Psychic Field. I get so many incoming reports each day, it's not even funny.

You can delete out the entries that fail to meet your standards, but there will just be a 100 more just like them that will illustrate Psychic Phenomenon and show examples mapping out my Intellect.

It doesn't matter what you think or what you see. It's the audience that is observing how well you handle yourself in an Intellectual Debate and to parry the evidence I'm submitting to discredit your claims you've made about me.

It's also not a very wise move on your part to delete my Blog Entries because it gives me the excuse to be repetitive.

If you ever try to throw out the claim that I'm repeating myself, I'll contend that I don't know which Blog Entries you deleted and which content has needs review.

I've been treating this like a Chess Game and your Intellectual Chess Pieces are all out of position.

What's even worse is that your comments hint that you don't even fully understand what it is you're doing or talking about.

That translates over to a Chess Player that doesn't fully understand how all the Chess Pieces move. That's the equivalent of you exhibiting signs of low comprehension and the inability to be articulate as well as void of bias.

And even if you try to argue that my content is bad as well, this comes back to why this is good practice for me.

The more I get to post and respond faster, the better my arguments get with time. I've been using you for practice.

Strategically, I would even say that your best course of action is to not say anything at all because it just gives me something to play off of.

If you don't reply, then I have nothing to feed off of.


With all due respect, Robyn, that's all I see coming from you acting like the 13 year old in that earlier analogy.

You may think I'm being condescending toward you, but until you act like a mature adult that can dispense with the insults and talk to me like an adult and have a civilized conversation that isn't soaked in sarcasm or taking potshots at me, I'll talk to you like a teenager because that's the behavior you exhibit.

It doesn't matter what your physical age is. I'm 10 years older than you. Big deal. So what? It comes back to the level of maturity and when engaging another person intellectually.

You may think this is all a bunch of crap, but someday you may be a parent and have your children as teenagers or other teenagers online that will disrespect you as a parent.

As a parent (just like in management), you have to establish you are an authority figure with knowledge and experience to back up what you say.

In your case, all I see are simply insults and criticism as to the method and the semantics of how the post is delivered.

Never once do your comments address the content or even shows that you even understand the content. A person is not in a position to criticize content if they can't even show that they understood the content.

If you can't even understand the content, how are you in a position to have any opinion?

You could even argue that with Stegzy. One of the comments that Stegzy made was that I should go back and read up on other Numerologists, Psychologists, etc.

One question I would ask is if Stegzy can repeat the Theories I've used with the Electromagnetic Field, Organic Laptop Computers, and Psychic Software Theories. Then list out why they won't out citing these sources that prove that they don't work.

I doubt Stegzy would want to do that. Everything comes full circle as well.

The way that you, Robyn, take the position that the burden of proof lies upon me to prove otherwise that your Community Group's claims about me are untrue, Stegzy would also have to abide by that by the same rules where the burden of proof lies upon him to go and dig up the research and findings from his sources that go line by line with each of my theories showing why they don't work.

Just as you don't feel you need to respond to any of my content or address it, I can take the same position with Stegzy telling me to go read up on other people's work.

It isn't even meant out of disrespect to Stegz either. Just as you, Robyn, claim you don't have the time to sit and read through that stuff, I don't have the time to sit and research the suggestions that Stegzy made.

If you, Robyn, can exercise that right, then I can as well.


Once again, we follow the Golden Rule about this Community Group regarding who's doing what and who's saying what.

If the situation was reversed and you found me unable to keep up with your Intelligence or understand what you're saying, it would be within your rights to criticize me for making an assumption about you when it appears that I don't have the mental capacity to formulate any credible opinion about anything.

That's why you see me defer to Stegzy on Circlism. He says he teaches Circlism and I have no idea what the heck that is. He's the expert on that.

The point I'm trying to make the expert on the Psychic Field. So naturally, I'd bring in other Psychics or people who I cited as having participated in a Psychic Event. It's up to the other side if they want to debunk it.

However, to stake a claim that it's just "drivel" and has nothing to do with anyone is very shortsighted and hints at limited understanding on your part.

It's already hard enough having to teach the Psychic Field but on top of that I have to compensate for your limited knowledge and comprehension skills.
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