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PREDICTION: Death of Salesman, Randy Pausch, AP Economics 1993

Here's a really good Psychic Prediction in the same conversation where it's one Psychic (Rod) playing off of another Psychic (Brunnhilda Quonset).


[21:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: I think Lucy used to thwack charlie Brown
[21:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: i'm sure "thwack" comes from Peanuts
[21:31] Rod Metall grins. I use a "Peanuts" Reference to that person born 5/13
[21:31] You decline NEW Greywolf Club from A group member named GreyWolf Frye.
[21:31] Brunnhilda Quonset: eeek...the connecting threads

Today I was talking to Brunnhilda:
  1. She asked me about "Rhineroceros" by Eugene Ionesco
  2. Eugene Ionesco is born 11/26
  3. "Peanuts" Creator Charles Schulz is born 11/26
  4. I have a friend born on the State Date 4/28 whose ex and daughter are both born 11/26
  5. The person who triggered my Abilities and her partner used Lucy and Charlie taken from "Peanuts"
That was a conversation that took place at Institution for Psychics with a discussion between 3 people who are classified as Psychics or Shamans.


The other thing that the Psychic Brunnhilda Quonset mentions is how she picked up on the theme of "Chess." I had posted a Blog in that group from 2004 telling Robyn that she "ran out of time on the Chess Clock" because I claimed it Robyn's unable to formulate a response or rebuttal to what I say.

I didn't tell Brunnhilda about my Chess Blog that I posted hours earlier. So she picked up on it. That's an example of a Psychic that's blindfolded who doesn't know what I'm saying.

That's a Psychic Maneuver of me like in "X-Men 2: Age of Apocalypse" grabbing Robyn by the collar setting up the shot with the comment about Chess and throwing Robyn at Brunnhilda who punches Robyn with an uppercut with Brunhilda's Psychic Read about Chess.

That's what it looks like when you have two Psychics tagteaming on a Non-Psychic. Even if Robyn does come up with a rebuttal trying to disprove my Psychic Theories, it's weak argument when you've got 2 Psychics applying those Psychic Theories when they tagteam Robyn.

The other link is that Eugene is the Capital of Oregon inducted on 2/14 aligning with that person Isabella Valentine named after the Video Game Character born 12/10 like Mississippi as a State Date.

Eugene Ionesco died on 3/29 The other relationship is tied to the vampire Ana Toluboff on Second Life whose friend Digitjohn Jonson is born 3/29. It's the Death Theme and a Vampire.

I was talking about the theme about Vampires vs. Wolves. You even see a "denied" Group Posting by "GreyWOLF." I had said that this person Bliss' Wolf Character was Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Brunnhilda and her dad both played clarinet like me.

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[20:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: Ah! What do you make of the play Rhinoceros?

[20:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: speaking of following the herd

[20:30] Rod Metall: What's that?

[20:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: you'll have to look it's a play by Eugene Ionesco, but it was made into a movie I think

[20:30] Brunnhilda Quonset is Online

[20:31] Rod Metall: Well I just looked up the date and he's born 3/29. I just talked to Digitjon Jonson yesterday born 3/29

[20:31] Rod Metall: Oops sorry he died that day

[20:32] Brunnhilda Quonset: either way

[20:32] Rod Metall: But 11/26 is a birthday I know well

[20:32] Rod Metall: The person who triggered my abilities got their name from the "Peanuts" Comic Strip. Didn't I mention that last night in the conversation?

[20:32] Rod Metall: Weren't we talking about Peanuts?

[20:32] Brunnhilda Quonset: No you didn't, and yes I brought it up

[20:33] Rod Metall: [21:30] Brunnhilda Quonset: i'm sure "thwack" comes from Peanuts

[20:33] Brunnhilda Quonset: I remember that

[20:33] Rod Metall: Charles Schulz who did the "Peanuts" Comic Strip is born 11/26

[20:33] Brunnhilda Quonset: lol

[20:33] Brunnhilda Quonset: my head is starting to spin

[20:33] Rod Metall: I use that tag

[20:33] Rod Metall: And I have a former neighborn born on a State Date of Maryland whose ex hubby and daughter are both born 11/26

[20:34] Rod Metall: So that's another example of your Psychic Abilities playing off of mine

[20:34] Rod Metall: Because I sit on the Birthday Tag Square on the Chess Board

[20:34] Rod Metall: So you as another Chess Piece with your abilities are playing off of mine

[20:34] Brunnhilda Quonset: was YOU...I asked Kahu earlier if he played chess because I picked something up

[20:34] Brunnhilda Quonset: about chess

[20:34] Rod Metall: Yes

[20:34] Brunnhilda Quonset: that was about 3 hours ago

[20:34] Rod Metall: I was Chess Team Captain in High School

[20:35] Rod Metall: I talk about Psychic Chess or Intellectual Chess

[20:35] Rod Metall: Can I use this conversation for a Psychic Reading?

[20:35] Rod Metall: I've been using examples of how you can have 2 Psychics that can tagteam or will pick up stuff off each other

[20:35] Brunnhilda Quonset: sure

[20:35] Brunnhilda Quonset: But...I have to log off now...I have a massage class tomorrow

[20:36] Rod Metall: It's a really good example of how you can link up

[20:36] Rod Metall: Okay. Thanks so much :)

[20:36] Brunnhilda Quonset: You're welcome.

[20:36] Rod Metall: TTYL :)
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