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SIGNS: Accidentally Meeting Rosetta Price Born 6/22

I ran into Rosetta Price on Second Life tonight. She's the one born on 6/22 like Lindsay Wagner who almost died on 5/25. She IMed me because of the game Tiny Empires.

It was on accident because we hadn't actually met yet or gotten together to chat. We simply exchanged IMs back on 7/21 and that was it. So to run into her "on accident" on Second Life was funny.

Some would say it's coincidence and nothing more, but Second Life is a pretty big place.

[2008/07/21 13:28] Rosetta Price: cool

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rod Metall: Oh, so we finally meet here at Senses. You're the one born 6/22 from Tiny Empires

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rosetta Price: yes

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rod Metall: Small world :)

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rosetta Price: fancy meeting you here

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rosetta Price: yes it is huh?

[2008/07/24 22:37] Rod Metall: Hehe, well pleased to meet you

[2008/07/24 22:39] Rosetta Price: you too :-)

-- Instant message logging enabled --
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