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PROPOSAL: Psychic Archery, Mathematical Sharpshooters, Process ID Defense

"That which has no limitations has no form." - Leonardo Da Vinci

I've been giving more thought about a Skeptic and Critic said that the numbers I use have no meaning or no ties to the Psychic Field.

I felt this is a really good point to address in the classes I teach about the Psychic Field tied to Mathematics and Computer Programming.

Criticism on the Psychic Field stems from the Occult being intangible. You can't see it. Since it cannot be seen by the normal 5 senses, people have a hard time believing it or you get people who cannot agree on how it specifically works.

The interesting thing about Psychology is that employs the "Mind's Eye" where information is taken from the 5 senses and through what observed or taken in to formulate a hypothesis and using the Scientific Method.


Something we know about computers is that if something goes wrong with your computer or you start seeing error messages, troubleshooting would suggest you to determine date in which you started having your problems.

If you can isolate the date, you may able locate the Software Program or whatever was installed on your computer that started creating conflict.

That's with normal computers.

When I teach in the Psychic Field, I work of the theories that:

- The Human Mind functions like an Organic Laptop Computer

- The Earth is just like a Super Computer as depicted in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

If those two theories hold true, then you would see computer characteristics with Process IDs and or running processes that are stemming from an operating systme or active software program.


Now, from what I gathered from the Critic, he was claiming that my use of numbers are coincidence and there is no meaning to them. There is no link and no ties.

One of the arguments I had stated was about AngelHart Blessed who had cited Wilhelm Reich as reference. I said it was significant because he's born 3/24 like Lara Flynn Boyle and friends with Robin Tunney born 6/19 aligning with one of the Critic's friends named Robin born 6/19 and Wallis Simpson tied to King Edward VIII.

I then stated that he died on 11/3 aligning with Emi Timeless born 11/3 and Sheena Fairey whose parent is born 11/3 that attend class last week.

The Critic said that the Wilhelm Reich was a nutcase because he talked about "orgones" as AngelHart Blessed had cited as "orgonomes." However, he went on to say cite another individual Duran M****** born 10/13.

I turned around and said that 10/13 is one of the birthdates of the females involved in the group along with 2 women born on State Dates of 11/11 (Washington) and 3/15 (Maine).

The Critic felt that was a preposterous rebuttal or claim that it is a defense for the Psychic Field.

However, my claim is that the birthday tag is akin to "killing the running Process ID" in a defense.

If you have a problem with a Software Program, kill the Process ID.

In an Intellectual Debate where Intellectual Software is being written when two people engage in Intellectual Combat, you kill the Intellectual Process ID directly from the source by citing the Birthday

This is running off the Theory that if the Planet Earth is functioning like a Super Computer, it's running an Organic Software Program where this is an actual Rhyme or Reason as to why certain people are born on a specific day.

However, even if you choose a random person born on a specific day, but you claim you have abilities tied to Birthdates, you'd pull in another person born the same day.

This is by using the Electromagnetic Field as a Psychic Internet with your Mind as that Organic Laptop Computer with that Psychic Internal Wireless Modem.


When I was running Chat Places, I used to go into the back end or the shell acounnt and have to terminate a running process that was lagging the system.

I'd have to find the Process ID and end the program. Because I was trying to free up resources, I didn't care what the program was or what it was doing. I just wanted it to stop.

The same approach goes for Intellectual Debates in the Psychic Field and why you'll see me target the birthdates of whomever is cited as a source.

It doesn't matter to me what they said or how exceptional their argument is in rebutting what I said.

My objective is to prove that I have Psychic Abilities and they take the form of birthdates and calendar dates. So regardless of how convincing the source may be that is used, I'll target the birthdate.

For example, if a Critic comes up with a source born on a certain day that has really a really good argument as to why the Theories I use with Psychic Field do not work and I can surface a random person born on the same day within a limited time period (especially within 24 - 48 hours), it renders the argument of the Critic and use of that source a moot point.

For example, in the best situation or perfect world, if I had a Critic that is using an argument of 5 historical figures or sources that are born on 5 distinct birthdates and I'm able to manifest the exact same 5 dates of people that align with the birthdates, that would cripple the argument of the Skeptic claiming this stuff doesn't work.

Because if the Skeptic's position is true where there is no relationship and there is no coincidence, why would you see 5 people with the same birthdates as the sources "mysterious" surface.


Sadly, it's not a perfect world. I claim it can be done. Over the last 4 years, I'd probably have about 60 - 70% efficiency with surfacing dates, but not enough.

However, I claim that with continual practice, you can hit that mark.

As long as you have a plan and you keep sharpening your skills, you'll eventually hit your mark. Especially if you're talking about Time as a factor.

If you have enough time to prepare, your Subconscious Mind would be ranging out locating these people with distinctive dates 6 - 9 months in advance and requesting on an Unconscious Level to the Subconscious Minds of those people with those birthdates to "move into position" at the designated time.

It's like the movement of ground forces and Military Combat.

That's the direction I'm going because I have chosen my Abilities to take the form of Birthdates and Calendar Dates. Those are more distinctive and stand out better than vocabulary words.

Anyone can pick apart a claim of a Psychic Manifestation tied to words, but numbers are more distinctive.

For example, I'd been talking about 6/22 for about 3 or 4 days in my Blog and then someone on Second Life named Rosetta Price sent me a "random" IM born 6/22.


Another Psychic Manifestation that I've said is that you've got AlyssaMarie McLain who lives in the Needles Sim like the Psychic Arianna Eriksen.

I said that AlyssaMarie is born 1/5 and aligns with Arianna's Initials s the 1st Letter and 5th Letter of 1/5.

Now, notice that's not a normal pattern that people would be looking for. However, because that's the way I programmed my Psychic Software saying that's an approved method, it will go by that.

My Psychic Software Program has more maneuverability.

For Skeptics and Critics that are saying that is not Psychic, we go back to the Computer Programming Model and Software.

You can write any form of Software you want as long as you define the parameters.


There was a quote by Leonardo Da Vinci that was in something I was reading that stated "That which has no limitations has no form."

I've been saying in my Blog for the last week that when developing your Psychic Abilities, you have declare what form your Psychic Abilities are going to take.

I keep saying this is where most Psychics go wrong. They never choose a form for their Psychic Abilities. They just say they have them and that's a really broad or general claim.

That's why Psychics have difficulty convincing anyone from the Scientific Community that their abilities exist. Because they don't declare a format as to how it works, you can't track it effectively.


That even goes for determining among Psychics who is the more powerful Psychic.

I have seen cases of "Psychic Snobbery."

It's where you get one Psychic that thinks they're better than or more powerful than another Psychic. So they perceive the other Psychic is inferior to them.

Sometimes, you'll even see the other Psychic that is of the same opinion regarding that Psychic.

It's like two swordsman that both think they handle their sword better than their colleague but they engage each other blindfolded and with no one around or where the audience or spectators are blindfolded as well.

Since nobody can track the methods employed by either Psychic, it remains undefined or up in the air.


If Psychics really want to measure skill, they should be conducting tests.

For example, if other Psychics started testing to see who can copy me by pulling birthdates and manifesting people on Second Life that have build dates, you can measure that.

Have a Judge throw out a random date and say, "Use your Psychic Abilities to pull someone to you from Second Life with a Build Date or Birthdate."

The Psychic that is able surface an individual born on that chosen date before the other Psychic would be declared the winner.

At least now you're setting up a contest.

You can see who is the more accurate "Birthdate Marksman."

You could even do something like "Birthdate Archery." See who can hit closest to the birthdate given by the Judge of the Contest.

See who can surface someone within 24 hours that is closer to the date provided by the Judge.

- Imagine if the Judge throws out the date 5/13 as the mark

- The first contestant Psychic runs across someone on Second Life born 5/10

- The second contestant Psychic runs across someone on Second Life born 5/12

5/12 is closer than 5/10 so the Second Contestant Psychic would be declared the winner under the Theory that he or she has the ability to pull or draw people.

Now you're taking on a definite form.

As I said though, nobody ever practices or does any of this stuff.

That's what's wrong with the Psychic Field.

With me, I've been practicing for 4 years straight with numbers and random number generators. That's why even my Cell Phone Number has my Birthdate in it.

I work with Random Number Generators and I'm continually practicing and sharpening those skills.

Other Psychics don't practice this. That's why I'm a "Numerical Sharpshooter" with numbers.

You will see my Psychic Abilities surface more quickly and with faster reaction time than most other Psychics that AREN'T practicing.

We should be having contests at Festivals where Psychics can show off their Psychic Abilities in front of an audience of spectators.

You usually just hear Psychics say they have abilities, but there's never any way to measure or track them. That comes back to Leonardo Da Vinci saying "That which has no limitations has no form."

There are non-Psychics and Skeptics that want to see something. This is a good way to do it.
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