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ART: Second Life Profile Artwork

Had a busy day. Met Digitjohn Jonson born 3/29. That's an old tag with Lucy Lawless vs. Lucy the Bartender. Met Ana Toluboff born 1/19.

Didn't get much time to really read much of anything and really tired. Spent all day doing profile pictures for people.

That's my other hobby working with photography and body sculpting on Second Life.

One thing I'd say is that you can apply what you learn in the Psychic Field to Photography. The way you can work with Special Effects such as Opacity and Feathering is a similar effect you can do with number tags and birthdates with the "intensity" of certain numbers and how they play off of each other.

One of the lessons I teach is about a Mathematical Voice. You can use Mathematical Chords that will resonate.

Because the Psychic Field tends to fall more into the Creative vs. Logical, you can see Psychic Abilities manifest in creative abilities such as artwork. There was a news article talking about "Bio Art." It's a lot like that.

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