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REPLY: Stegzy's Point Regarding Numbers, Stegzy Challenge

This is in response to Stegzy's Point about Numbers and Birthdates. I didn't have time to respond to it, but it's a good point.

Why would you choose numbers and birthdates?

What significance could they have?

This brings us back to where I conceded that I'll never be as smart as Stegzy or be able to compete with his Intelligence.


The reason why I say that Numbers and Birthdates are important is because they remain constant. As time passes, the facts will get fuzzy as who "he said, she said" and who did what.

However, one thing that will alway remain constant will be the birthdates. As long as you can confirm that those are the dates, that remains true.

One example I would give is regarding the Blog Entries regarding Wilhelm Reich. I don't know anything about Wilhelm Reich aside from what AngelHart Blessed told me.

Stegzy says that Wilhem Reich was cuckoo. The whole thing about Tin Fool. Is that true? I don't know. I can only go by what Stegzy said.

However, is Wilhelm Reich being a nutcase a true statement, or is it an opinion?

Do we have the records to prove it? What literature is there to prove that?

I'm not saying Stegzy is incorrect, I'm just saying that in order to assess the mental state or a person's sanity becomes more difficult as time goes by and whether the recounts or people interviewed who knew Wilhelm Reich are accurate.

When using Wilhelm Reich's birthday and citing it as a fact, that holds more truth than the opinions of what people say about Wilhelm Reich.


One thing I did is concede that Stegzy is smarter than me.

I wouldn't even try to take on Stegzy in the realm of Academia because I'm sure he's more well-read and has an arsenal of information, facts, and trivia that would run circles around me.

People say that "Knowledge is Power."

If Stegzy is more knowledgeable than me, then that would mean he's more powerful than me.

Now, I assume that Stegzy is generally an "okay" guy and a "good person." However, not everyone who is smart is moral or ethical. There are a lot of smart people who flaunt their Intelligence and think they're superior to others.

Not everyone is smart, and there are a lot of good people who don't know about Quantum Physics, Calculus, Trigonometry, Physics, or any of the higher levels of education.


Notice how Intelligent People will throw all kinds of facts and figures at others. If the person doesn't understand what the individual said, they're considered "uneducated" or even dumb.

When it comes to the Elite that have the time to sit and ponder these things, you've got the working class of citizens who are propping up the people at the top who have the time to think about these concepts and develop their Intelligence.

Working people don't have that luxury.

So with all due respect to Stegzy, I do have other things going on in my life where I don't have the time to do my research or read up on other people.

It's the same thing with how Stegzy and Robyn don't need to read my Blog Entries.

Just because Stegzy and Robyn don't want to sit for hours reading through Blog Entry upon Blog Entry from Rod is the same way Rod does not have the time nor the inclination to read up on other Numerologist Research, Psychologists, or Psychoanalysts.

Just as Robyn and Stegzy don't want to spend their waking hours reading Rod's stuff, I don't want to spend my waking hours reading up on all those people whom Stegzy says may be tied to my Research.

People in the Working Class are in the same position.

How can someone in the working class that has 40 hour job have time to sit and devote time to research and education in order to compete with the Intellectually Elite?


This is where we come back to Birthdates.

I have this Theory that Subconscious Minds of people manage who gets born on what day as part of the Subconscious Collective.

It would be the filing of Humans as Organic Process ID Numbers that have a start and stop date just as you would see in a running Software Program.

If you want to just talk about Subconscious Minds, that won't hold weight with anyone. You have to find a purpose or justification for such an act.

I tell people to use the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" theme with Earth as a Super Computer. If it functions like a Super Computer, it would a Planetary Software Program.

If it was running a program, what form would it take?

How would humans and living things fit into that model?

I claim that Historical Figures, Public Figures, and people who influence the world are born on specific days. The numbers actually mean something.


One thing I would say about Stegzy is that he'll cite individuals.

Now if Stegzy is incredibly smart, just how exactly is Rod going to combat Stegzy?

If Rod can't compete with Stegzy when it comes to Intelligence, how can the Psychic Field be of any use in trying to prove Psychic Abilities?

The strategy is by choosing the form of birthdates and number tags

As long as Stegzy keeps citing people and you can track the birthdays, then Rod's Strategy is by manifesting people born on the same day as the people whom Stegzy is citing.

No matter what Stegzy cites or summons as information from a person, Rod will target the birthdate and manifesting a Psychic Manifestation revolving around that number.

The objective of Stegzy is to prove Rod isn't Psychic and simply deranged and just imagining things.

However, if Rod can keep hitting Birthdates and bringing forth people on the dates that Stegzy cites, that would be Psychic Phenomenon.


In fact I was even going to suggest to Stegzy that in the interest of Science and so we can stop wasting people's time, let's have Stegzy give me some Random Dates.

Give Rod a (realistic) time frame to hit the dates that Stegzy is randomly throws out.

Theoretically, if the Subconscious Collective already knows what dates Stegzy is already going to throw out 6 - 9 months in advance, then they should already have calculated what birthdays or dates Stegzy is going to throw out.

I should already be able to surface birthdates.

That way, it's not just Rod picking out dates that he claims are significant because people will just say I staged or I only choose the stuff that I want.


I will cite reference to something that can be tracked in Cyberspace or where the person may be interviewed.
  • It has to be tied to birthdates and calendar dates because that's what I specialize in.

  • It should be able to draw upon the Associated Press Feed of or with someone born on that date or related to that date.

  • I can cite someone's Build Date or Birthdate on Second Life

  • I can someone who falls on a build date with a relative born on that date

  • Show or Movie released on that date

  • A time stamp of 7:02 would be 7/02 and count as a date
We can even limit it to 7 days. If Stegzy wants to add more rules to the game to where he feels it's a more "fair" game that isn't staged, he can submit his own suggestions for review.

Seems only fair anyway. I should be able to pull up any date that Stegzy throws at me and tell him something about that date.

Even if I don't hit my mark, it's still a good test because I can then see how fast my reaction time is with numbers that Stegzy tosses out at me.

It's a lot like baseball with Stegzy as the Pitcher for the other team, and I'm the batter up. We can see if Stegzy can throw it across the plate and if I can hit it.

That's what people want to see. So it seems like a good test.
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