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ANALOGY: Stegzy World, Rubber Band, Mathematical Talisman

This is my response to one of Stegzy's Comments.

From: Stegzy
To: Rod
Date: 7/22/2008
Subject: Re: Dušan Makavejev born 10/13 and Psychic AngelHart Blessed's BF born 10/13

1. I haven't the foggiest who Isabella Valentine is. Frankly I don't care.

2. I don't take sides. Ever. I sit painfully on the fence.

3. If you think I'm insulting you you are sadly mistaken. Maybe you should reflect on your own self worth before jumping to the conclusion that I am insulting you.

4. I think you're too focussed on one thing. Like say a scientist focussing on why water boils, instead of the various other properties of water. Most of the diatribe you write has no consequence or meaning to anyone other than yourself. Sure I too can find similarities and tenuous coincidence in the various numbers I come across each day. But what the fuck does it mean? What is more distressing is how you instigate fictional and factual dates into your warped perversions of numerology. Your arrogance in your belief and assertion that you are blessed in some way in the ways of numerology is laughable. Maybe take a step back from your "voyage of self discovery" and listen to what others have to say. Maybe go and study some real numerologists and academics rather than focus on derangements of absurdity.

To: Stegzy
From: Rod
Date: 7/22/2008
Subject: ANALOGY: Stegzy World, Rubber Band, Mathematical Talisman

1) I would actually say you have a good point. Does it even matter anymore who Isabella Valentine was?
Though I still use that as part of my foundation for the numbers with how I run my "Psychic Software." I'll talk about building.

2) If you say you don't take sides, then I'll take your word for it. Though, for someone who doesn't take sides, would there be fewer insults and less comparison to Serial Killers?

3) Self-Worth? Probably. Though I say that I took a huge beating from a group of women back in 2004. They all ganged up on me. If you take a puppy and you keep beating the puppy even when it's begging and whining for the person to stop, eventually it will stop begging and it will grow up into adulthood becoming distrustful and a vicious mongrel. It will distrust what it sees. That is just Behavioral Psychology. So if I've seen something in your posts that looks like an insult when it wasn't, then I'm sorry. However, I would also appreciate it if you would extend the same courtesy that when I say something to you, I'm not trying to be condescending.

4) I'll concede your point because you can have people that focus way too much on things. I wouldn't call it a blessing. Though my response is to tell people to look at it from a Computer Programming Software Perspective. Humans have the ability to create. With the ability to create, then they can mold or shape the world around them. From the Psychic Perspective, it's Will Power and being able to move and shift things. From a Business Perspective, if you were creating a business that provides a service, you can create whatever you want.


From your response in #4, I appreciate your candor. If that is your true assessment and it is based off of your knowledge and experience with Science, Technology, and what you have learned and not based off of prejudice or loyalty to Bliss, Robyn, Isabela Valentine, or that group, then I will respect that.

One thing I've noticed is you think this is about Numerology. I don't study Numerology because I do not have the time to look up other people's research.

Now, I know people would argue that you should be studying other people's stuff. Who made that rule? When the world began and humans didn't know anything, where was this rule that you have to study other people's research and work before you can do your own thing?

The other point I would make is that I hear from so many people that the Psychic Field is crap. Kaballah is crap. Astrology is crap.

Well, if everyone who is "intelligent" says that stuff is crap and they "know" that it doesn't work, why should I have to study "crap" that people say doesn't work?

Wouldn't it be smarter to just start from scratch and build something new that no one has every used or seen before?


You mentioned about "derangements of absurdity" and being "blessed in some way in the ways of numerology."

I'm assuming you must referring to old Blog Entries from 2004 and 2005.

It's true that I have said that I'm born 5/29 when Mt. Everest was climbed and the day that Wisconsin and Rhode Island were inducted into the United States.

Yes, that's a date. It's significance is so that when people are trying to trace how I developed these Theories about birthdates and aligning them with Historical Events and how you would use Will Power to lock onto numbers, I can show this is where I came up with this Theory of 5/29 because it's a birthdate.

If it hadn't been for me being born on a State Date and when Mt. Everest was climbed, I wouldn't have developed the Theory that you can write Psychic Software where a person's mind is an Organic Computer and therefore you can plug into the Electromagnetic Field using a Computer Construct Analogy to reason out how you could communicate from vast distances to others.

The world of Computers and Technology is different from the World of Science.

It's because you can build.


If you were a Computer Programmer that wanted to make a Video Game about a Super Badger in Stegzy World that has to rescue Princess Robyn from the Evil Rodlings that have taken over Haven and use Stegosaur Power-Ups to gain Super Abilities, you can make that Video Game and nobody's going to all you a nutter.

They understand that's the Mind of Stegzy. No one will ever question your Sanity.

That's the point I'm trying to make about developing a System.

If you go to Las Vegas or Casinos here in the United States, there are so many people who try to develop a system. Some systems work while others don't.

Now when it comes to creating symbolism and meaning, people do this in the non-Psychic World.

I don't know if they do this in the UK, but in the United States, some people will put a rubber band on their wrist to remind them of something they have to do. If they have an errand and they don't want to forget, they wear that rubber band.

Someone else looking at that rubber band may find that odd, but for the person who assigned a meaning to that rubber band, it makes sense. On top of that, the person who chooses to define the rubber band doesn't need the approval of others to use that system or method.

It's their own personal method.


For example, I don't understand what the meaning is behind you tied to a Badger, a Stegosaurus, or what "Gnomepants" mean. However, if that's what you want to associate yourself with, that is your choice. You have your own reasons for why you choose that.

Those things symbolize things for you. Or maybe there's no meaning behind it whatsoever. Maybe it's just because you feel like it. Do you really need to have a reason?

Now, when you hear me talking about what 529, 513, or 42 means to me, it's the same thing as the Rubber Band. I'm assigning meaning to something.

And before you or anyone else finds fault in that, do you mean to tell me that you don't have anything that is sentimental to you?

Perhaps it's something that has meaning for you because it's from an old flame or a deceased loved one. You attached meaning to it.

People say the mind is like a computer. When you attach meaning to something, that is like programming a variable. You've assigned meaning.

For example, I stopped by your Blog a couple days ago to see if you posted what your birthday is. In your blog, your post said "nut_job" is posting again.

The word "nut_job" is a programmed variable being used to associate with Rod.

How did that come to be? Who gave the "granted authority" to assign the word "nut_job" and "Rod" together? You can because no one said you can't.

If you want to create a Blog "Rod_King_Of_The_Nutters" that points to my Blog, there's nobody that says you can't.

Even if I wanted to make a big stink about it and complain to Gods, it doesn't matter. Because you have Free Will and if you think you see nutty behavior in Rod's Blog Entries from 2004 and 2005, that's your reasoning.

You've attached meaning to what you've interpreted to my Blog Entries. And how is this assessment of Rod being a nutter derived, it's because you've gotten "this feeling" or "vibe" based off of what Rod says.


The way that people judge mas being nutty based off of the general sense of having read a couple of Blog Entries is really actually opinion. You can get a Consensus of people who belong to a particular society that have their own beliefs and ideals.

Imagine if a group outlawed the word "Stegzy" and "Gnome" stating that anyone who uses those words as a name is deranged and mentally unstable. It's a stupid law, but if you can get 5 million people to be part of that group and abide by that, it doesn't matter what you think. Even YOU know your sane and know there's nothing wrong with you, tough luck.

My 529, 513, and 42 tags would be my "Mathematical Badger," "Mathematical Stegzy Nickname," and "Mathematical Stegosaurus Name."

Now with you, I'm assuming you chose your names for fun. Is there a real deep meaning behind why you have that? And since when do you need to have someone challenging you and say that if you go around associating yourself with a Badger, Gnome, or a Stegosaurus even though you're "obviously" human that you are nutter?

If I wanted to designate that the number 37 means Stegzy Gnomepants, that's my right to assign meaning. Now imagine if I started going around saying, "37 is stupid" or "Wow, that's pretty dumb. Sounds like a 37."

If you knew I had programmed that 37 tag on you, you'd be insulted.

Now, let's go back to "nut_job." Notice when people from Robyn's Group want to refer to Rod, they could say, "Oh, nut_job posted something today" or "Did you see the new crap that nut_job in Blog this morning?"

Within Robyn's Group, people know what it means. That's what was put as a Tag on an individual used as a marker.

It's an assigned variable.


So now with the Rosetta Price born 6/22 who sent me an IM on Second Life.

I had said I've been talking about 6/22, which is a Tag that I chose to assign to Bliss because she's born 5/25.

I've assigned the tag.

It has been what I choose to program.

So now when I plug into the Electromagnetic Field using the Mind as an Organic Laptop, you can home in on people.

What I talk about is something anyone can do if they practice and forge the connection.

I claim that because I submit the 6/22 Tag for Lindsay Wagner with 5/25 attached to her to align with the Blog Entries, you'll get a timed event.

However, once again, this isn't something that just "happened." I keep stating that in order to pull something like that off, you need a minimum of 6 - 9 months in advance.

This would be the communication that is going on between the Subconscious Minds of the individual who has parlaying or negotiating with other Subconscious Minds in a transaction.

It's actively seeking out Human Resources that have certain tags on them that fit the description.


This ties to the Psychic Field because you're now using a Computer Programming and Software Model to describe how you can pull off what is seen with the Occult.

When people wave their hands and say they're going to put a hex, curse, or voodoo on you, that's really is crap.

They don't say anything about how they're going to do it or how it's scientifically possible to achieve such a feat.

When I say 6/22 for Lindsay Wagner tied to 5/25, that's a Line of Code in Software Programming.

It's a programmed variable. That Programmed Variable is a "Mathematical Talisman." It's a number or symbol that you're "invoking."

When using Instant Messaging, the individual has an ID Number. That is a "Mathematical Invocation Number" that has been assigned to the person by the system.

When trying to compare the Computer Realm and Cyberspace to the "Magical Realm," that's what it would look like.


Yes, Stegzy. You do have a valid point that people should read up on others and do their research.

However, we're talking about a Field that has little respect in the Scientific Community and where all efforts thus far are perceived to be failure.

If that's true, then why should I read up on failed experiments or how other people have failed in the Psychic Field?

I don't know about other people's research in Numerology, Astrology, or any of the Occult, but I'm assuming that the people whom you think I should read up on are most likely over the age of 50.

If they're over the age of 50, they are most likely people who have not used Computer Programming or Cyberspace as a Working Model for understanding or trying to explain the Occult.

That's what I claim I'm doing because I've got a background.

If you're the Literature you're suggesting I research is written by people who don't have a background the Internet and Computers which is what I claim is what I work in, how is that useful?

Especially if you've found flaws in that stuff and most likely mirror the opinions of other people from the Academic Community that don't place much faith in the Psychic Field.


If any of my content if actually given half a chance actually makes people go, "Hrmmm... I never really thought of it that way..." wouldn't that indicate that maybe I do actually know a thing or two and don't need to do research.

The reason why I don't feel a need to read up on other people's research is because of time constraints and because I know the stuff I work with works for me.

Robyn said in a reply, "You need to find a new hobby." It's the exact same thing she said 2 years ago.

Doing research on all these other people is time-consuming. I don't have time to look up those people. I barely have enough time to look up the stuff in my readings let alone other people's research.

If they want to bring me an excerpt that they feel is valid, that's fine. However, I would most likely ask, "What's the birthdate?"

The reason why I would ask for the birthdate is because I claim the Subconscious Minds of women or the mothers who gave birth to those individuals were following an operating system and were given instruction to give birth to that historical figure or person on a specific date.

I haven't even gotten to my other explanation yet about Numbers in my reply to Stegzy. So I'll get to that.
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