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THEORY: Stegzy's Poppy Cock vs. Planetary Neurons and Axons

My response was too long so I had to shift it to regular Blog regarding Stegzy's Reply:

To: Stegzy
From: Rod
Date: 7/22/2008
Subject: THEORY: Stegzy's Poppy Cock vs. Planetary Neurons and Axons

While I beg to differ based off of what I have witnessed in the last 4 years, I appreciate your response civility in this response.

I am also willing to concede that you do have a strong point, which is what I'm working toward.

My position I'm currently taking and strengthen is with the Carl Jung's Unconscious Collective Theory where all minds are interconnected.

If the Planet's Electromagnetic Field runs parallel to the Electrical Field in the Human Mind, the way that individual brain cells interact with each other would be the same as how people as "Planet-Sized Brain Cells" would interact.

My explanation for this Unconscious Level of being "unaware" would like our individual brain cells having a Consciousness of their own and living their own distintive lives.

Let's say the Planet Earth was in Human Form named "George."

If "Brain Cell Rod" that lives in California Portion of the mind and "Brain Cell Stegzy" lives in the UK portion of the mind, the interaction between the stored information in Brain Cell Rod and Brain Cell Stegzy communicating would be the Subconscious Minds.

"Conscious Brain Cell Stegzy" saying that any form of communication between there Brain Cell Rod and Brain Cell Stegzy is poppy cock, it's because Conscious Brain Cell Stegzy may not see the Consciousness of "George" (Planet Earth) that is comprised of 6 billion brain cells.

That Cumulative Consciousness that we have as humans would be how you could theorize that the Consciousness of the Planet "George" would be made up of all of us.

I'll hop into the "Forest from the Trees" Analogy as well as well as claim each human is like an individual Pixel of a Digital Image made up of 6 billion Pixels.

I claim most people don't see the Consciousness of the Planet because they're so focused on their life and network of friends. So if a person only has 500 friends, that's only 500 Pixels of the 6 billion pixel image. It's a very microscopic section.

Now, I don't claim to know enough about human biology or the Human Mind.

However, I'm assuming that the way that our individual Brain Cells have stored information and interact with each other is some form of communication.

My knowledge is rusty. Would it be Neurons and Axons? Whatever it is that allows for transmitting of data between Brain Cells.

What I'm suggesting is Planetary Neurons and Axons as sending "Planetary Nerve Impulses" in order to communicate.

So when you hear stories of a mother that can tell when her child has been in an accident, I would claim that's a Planetary Nerve Impulse from the Planetary Brain Cell Child sending an impulse to the Planteary Brain Cell Mother.

Now when it comes to stored information that creates our Intelligence, how is that impulse sent from one brain cell to another in a human?

What if you could have a similar effect on a Planet-Sized Scale with Earth as a Planet-Sized Brain floating in space around the Sun?

My claim is that the way you think it's poppy cock abouth that unconscious level with Subconscious Minds would be like an individual brain cell inside your head that doesn't think there's any communication of any sort going on between any of its "brain cell species" that live on Planet Stegzy (Stegzy's Min).

However, I would assume that because you know you're alive and sentient and have a Consciousness, you would be shaking your head at the silly microscopic Stegzy Brain Cell in your head in amusement at the tiny brain cell that says that you don't exist.

Imagine if all of your individual brain cells had lives of their own inside your head unaware of your existence unaware that they all contribute with their Cumulative Collective to create your Consciousness.

This is where we even jump into the "Jedi Midochlorian" Theory and the Wilhelm Reich Orgone Theory where where the cells are alive and sentient. I theorized we're "Planet-Sized Jedi Midochlorians."

We're Planet-Sized Brain Cells that are conscious and sentient. If the Planet Earth can have us as Planet-Sized Brain Celsl where we believe we are alive, then I tell people go down to a microscopic level imagining a world inside that skull of yours with your brain cells that all live together and are live.

Now if the brain cells in your head would be ignorant or oblivious to the flurry of communication and interaction between them as brain cells, which is their function to generate thought, wouldn't it be possible to blow up the Scale Model to the size of the Planet Earth as a huge brain and claim that Humans behave just like their own tiny brain cells that don't see the larger picture?

This is what I've been mulling over.

It's the best Theory I could come up with to explain how you can have Subconscious Minds of the individual separate from the Conscious Mind.

I'll use the Video Game Analogy. I'll say that Conscious Stegzy is a Video Game Character that Conscious Rod is another Video Game Character.

Subconscious Stegzy would be the Video Game Player with a Video Game Controller. Subconscious Rod would be the other Video Game Player with a Video Game Controller.

Now imagine if Subconscious Stegzy and Subconscious Rod were playing a Roleplaying Video Game together and decide to team up.

Imagine if Video Game Conscious Rod is a Neutral Evil Character and Video Game Conscious Stegzy is a Lawful Good Character that can't stand Neutral Evil Rod and despises Rod.

Even though Lawful Good Stegzy doesn't want to work with Neutral Evil Rod, it's Subconscious Stegzy as the Video Game Player that is pressing the buttons and using the Joystick to move Video Game Conscious Stegzy into position and "talking to" Video Game Player Subconscious Rod coordinating their efforts when they engage in battle against bad guys in the Video Game Arena.

Video Game Character Lawful Good Conscious Stegzy saying that Neutral Evil Conscious Rod's claim about Unconscious Minds is a load of Poppy Cock would be what is being said on the Video Game Screen Monitor.

I don't know if you've every played Video Games like that, but I've paired up Evil Characters and Good Characters that don't like each other and you'll see Dialogue during the Video Game where they're exchanging insults because they don't get along.

This is where I jump into the claim that Bliss "accidentally" sending E-mail to me is because Subconscious Bliss did it. Video Game Player Subconscious Bliss was maneuvering Conscious Bliss into position.

That timing of me returning now and posting was to coincide with the Blog Entries from 7/19 of 2007 posted on 7/19 of 2008 as well as the YouTube Video of 7/18 of 2006 for "Megaman 3" regarding Needle Man to align with the "Old Cock" Blog Response leading up to mine on 7/18 of 2008.

I acknowledge that's maybe too much of a stretch of assumptions, theories, what ifs, coulda-woulda-shouldas, etc.

However, that's the best explanation I can come up with to explain "the world that I see."

Now, maybe you don't believe it, Stegzy, and think it's poppy cock.

However, if you want a straight answer on what I theorize is going on, that is the hands-down, no-bullshit answer I'll give to you.

Now if you feel that reaffirms why Rod's a nutter, fine. But don't every say I didn't try to tell you.

I've bounced these ideas off my friends. They keep telling me to simplify what I'm saying. I really don't think it's possible.

People say I'm stupid. For argument's sake if that's true and everyone's smarter than me, then wouldn't it mean that if there was any Truth or merit to what I'm saying about how I think the Planet functions as a Planet-Sized Brain that people with far superior Intelligence to mine would've already figured this out?

If it really is that easy to simplify what I'm saying, I encourage anyone else to polish and refine what I said into something more palatable.

I've spent the last 4 years trying to explain this to people, and my head is starting to hurt from continuously banging my head against the wall.

Usually it ends up where the people who are really smart that would understand what I said don't believe me and think I'm nutter while the ones who are open and believe live in the Scientific World or know much about Math and Science and flat out tell me that they don't understand.

So you get caught between 2 worlds. The Scientific Realm where people who would've understood are closed off while the ones who would be open to such theories don't because their Intelligence Level doesn't meet the minimum standard requirement.

That's why when I look at you, Stegzy, there's this part of me that says, "If Stegzy could string all the pieces of the puzzle together, maybe he'd cross over." You may be the one person I've run across thus far that has the capacity to understand the theories I'm working with.

You don't have to believe it, but as long as you understood what I was trying to say. Most people don't even get that far. When you don't have many options, you take what you can get.
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