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PREDICTION: Rosetta Price 6/22 Like Lindsay Wagner, "Lord of the Rings"

Here's a very simple Psychic Prediction pionting to Bliss and the last stream of Blog Entries:
  1. Rosetta Price on Second Life sent me an IM this morning
  2. Her birthday is 6/22
  3. I've been saying about Lindsay Wagner born 6/22
It's tapping into the Random Generator of Tiny Empires to align people born on certain birthdates with what I call for.

There's also reference to me as Stryder like "Lord of the Rings":
  1. Bliss' favorite author is J. R. R. Tolkein
  2. I was talking to Mijake Fride in the UK last night about her friend Aragorn on Second Life tied to Kinky Riggles
  3. He's born 1/3 when Alaska was inducted 1/3
  4. Mijake Fride told me last night how she wants to go to Alaska
  5. Tolkein died 9/2 like Salma Hayek born 9/2 mentioned in my other Blog
  6. Mijake Fride said 10/20 and I said Viggo Mortenson who plays Aragorn is born 10/20
Once again, it's really straightforward where I'm hitting the tags that distinguish Bliss.

My Reflex Time is within 24 - 48 hours vs. 4 years ago where it would take about 1 - 2 weeks.

Like my old Vampire Character on "Eternal Night II" Mud where Bliss and I used to play, my Vampire Character is more experienced and older. So it hits harder and faster when it lands on the dates.

-- Instant message logging enabled --

[8:20] Rosetta Price: HI dear, would you like to join me in the kingdom of Fiery Charm

[12:56] Rod: Sorry I was away from the keyboard. Thanks for the offer. I'm okay where I am.

[12:56] Rosetta Price: :-)

[12:58] Rod: I work in the Psychic Field and use Tiny Empires as a Divination Tool. If it's not too personal a question, what's your bday?

[12:58] Rosetta Price: June 22

[12:58] Rosetta Price: divination tool?

[12:59] Rod: May I use your response? I was doing Psychic Readings for the last 3 days talking about Lindsay Wagner of "Bionic Woman" born 6/22

[12:59] Rod: Lindsay Wagner in her IMDB almost died on 5/25 of 1979 in Flight 191

[13:00] Rod: The person whom I'm trying to prove that my abilities do exist is born 5/25

[13:00] Rosetta Price: yes you may

[13:00] Rod: Thank you

[13:00] Rod: And the date is 7/21/2008, correct?

[13:00] Rosetta Price: let me know how it goes

[13:00] Rosetta Price: yes

[13:00] Rosetta Price: i may need a good reading

[13:01] Rod: Thanks to your help, I'd be happy to give you a reading

[13:01] Rosetta Price is Online

[13:01] Rosetta Price: ty :-0

[13:01] Rosetta Price: :-)

[13:02] Rod: I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll check in on you when things clear up in the next day or so and after I report this Psychic Reading

[13:02] Rod: Are there any other birthdays you can provide? Spouse, children, grandparents?

[13:02] Rod: My abilities revolve around birthday tags

[13:04] Rosetta Price: sure

[13:07] Rosetta Price: 9/9, 10/20, 12/20, 3/9 ,4/9 ,11/10, 10/5, 5/17, 6/29

[13:07] Rod: 9/9 is California where I am

[13:08] Rosetta Price: oops

[13:08] Rosetta Price: 9/7

[13:08] Rod: 10/20 is Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn in "Lord of the Rings" whom I just talked about with Mijake Fride last night

[13:08] Rosetta Price: rest are right

[13:08] Rod: My alt is Stryder elsewhere

[13:08] Rosetta Price: cool

[13:09] Rod: 9/7 is the birthday of Shannon Elizabeth and Tselita Zaichers (Personal Friend)

[13:09] Rod: 12/20 is my grandmother. I've had a grandmother theme

[13:09] Rod: I just looked up 4/9 yesterday, but I can't remember the actor/actress on IMDB

[13:10] Rod: 11/10 is Kacey Silverstar on here and Rebecka Ansar

[13:10] Rod: 10/5 is Zagro Ferraris on here who has the ability to manipulate his Magnetic Field

[13:10] Rod: Had a 5/17 two days ago, but can't remember who

[13:11] Rod: 6/29 is whom I mentioned 3 days ago as my ex Valerie Emily Miller tied to the person born 5/25

[13:11] Rosetta Price: wow

[13:11] Rod: I'll do more research on you. Bear in mind this is custom software and programmed tags for me personally

[13:12] Rod: That's just because I practice this continuously vs. people who don't have any Psychic Software

[13:12] Rosetta Price: wow

[13:12] Rod: So I have your permission to use the contents of this IM with the dates?

[13:13] Rosetta Price: yes

[13:13] Rod: Thank you.

[13:15] Rod: The 11/10 for Kacey Silverstar may be significant to you because this other person with a Kacey tag hatched a dragon egg here on Second Life on 5/25 named "Vliss" aligning with the person in question named "Bliss" born 5/25 Year of the Dragon

[13:17] Rod: As a matter of fact, the person above me has the Kacey Tag, the next person above is born 6/17, and the person above her is J. Laville (can't remember her first name) with a build date of 11/10

[13:18] Rod: You'll have to determine what the relationship of 11/10 is to you

[13:18] Rod: I can also tell you there's a movie "Hellraiser" where the main actresss is born 11/10 and the main character is born Valentine's Day

[13:19] Rosetta Price: mother 10/11

[13:20] Rod: Your mother is born October 11th and not November 10th?

[13:26] Rosetta Price: mother 11/10

[13:27] Rod: Okay just making sure

[13:28] Rod has to finish running errands, but I'll look you up in the next 24 hours or you can IM me. Thank you so much for your help. I'm in Twilight and I use that as the "Twilight Zone" and me as Rod Serling where I'll yank people into the Twilight Zone. It's punny :)

[13:28] Rosetta Price: cool
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