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PREDICTION: Kinky Snoodle & Kinky Riggles on Second Life

Here's a quick Psychic Prediction where get even more KINKY:
  1. Mijake Fride was saying about Kinky Riggles with a build date of 2/2
  2. 2/2 is my Cousin Gwen (Gwendolen/Robyn)
  3. I said my Psychic Friend Kinky Snoodle is born 4/24 and lives across from Bliss in Merseyside (Bliss)
  4. 4/24 - 2/2 = 2/22
  5. 2/22 is George Washington where Washington State inducted 11/11 is named (Washington State/11-11/Isabella)
Notice how you have 2 "Kinky" People where one symbolizes Robyn, the other symbolizes Bliss, and when you subtract the two, you get Isabella Valentine.

It's Mathematically symbolic because all this Animosity "between"(2/22) Robyn (Gwen/2-2) and Bliss (Kinky/4-24) toward me is because of Isabella (George Washington/2-22).

You still get the same print-out and tied to Kinky Snoodle who's a Psychic.

So once again, we have someone Psychic tied to distinctive characteristics of whom I said triggered my Psychic Abilities.
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